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(Now serving savvy startupsnice nonprofits, and progressive political campaigns)

Our approach

Our most successful clients make data-driven decisions based on experimentation and rapid iteration . Progress Kitchen incubates and facilitates this methodology, making startups, nonprofits, and campaigns more efficient.

We solve problems using a holistic, interdisciplinary approach: Our software engineering clients are thrilled when we propose language improvements that boost conversion rates, and our marketing and political clients take comfort knowing that if they have a tech emergency, we’re here for that, too!

Core competencies

Software engineering

With more than a decade of web development experience, we’re experts at writing code. Our specialties include Ruby on Rails, Javascript (and Node.js), and PHP.

Big data

Whether you need help understanding your data or simply managing it, we can help. We build reporting systems, perform list appends, maintain database servers, analyze behavioral data, and more!

Landing page optimization

We are uniquely qualified to help with every aspect of landing page design — from conception to copywriting and coding. Our data-driven, interdisciplinary approach really shines here!

Targeted advertising

From Google to Facebook and beyond, we have deep experience in ad tech and maintain a singular focus on ROI.

Messaging & copywriting

We have a knack for creating content that fits our clients’ existing message frames, but we’ll also suggest improvements when it makes sense.

Website hosting & maintenance

If you already have a website but need somebody new to host or maintain it, we’ll make sure things run smoothly.

Experimental design

You know you should be testing, but the wrong test can do more harm than good. We design experiments to yield actionable results.

Behavioral analytics

We’re well-acquainted with most of the leading web analytics products on the market, and we even built our own! We produce useful analysis that can help inform the next iteration of your project.

Email programs

From copywriting to template design and deliverability analysis, our email expertise is unmatched. For better or worse, we’ve helped deliver more than 100 million campaign emails over the years.

About us

Based in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, Progress Kitchen is a young company with a lot of experience solving big problems.

Chase Martyn, the founder and president of Progress Kitchen, is an experienced political consultant, software engineer, and analyst. Over the past decade, he has helped dozens of organizations meet complex challenges. More »

In 2012, Chase worked in the analytics department of President Obama's successful reelection campaign. Before that, he wrote code to power one of the leading progressive online organizing platforms, and he edited an award-winning statewide news website. He got his start as a political organizer and door-to-door canvasser in rural Iowa.

Chase's analysis has been featured by The Huffington Post, Politico, C-SPAN's Washington Journal, NPR's Morning Edition, and other radio, television, and print outlets around the world.

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